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Restoring Periodontally Involved Teeth: Soft Tissue Grafts

Soft Tissue Grafts

Gum recession can lead to the exposure of the roots of teeth which can be your aesthetic displeasure or more importantly discomfort when exposed to heat or cold. Gum recession can be caused by excessively aggressive brushing, periodontal disease or other factors. Once the root of the teeth are exposed, not only can there be pain and/or sensitivity to heat or cold, there is an increased risk of bone loss which can lead to a host of other dental complications.

To remedy gum recession, a soft tissue graft can be used to cover the roots and/or develop gum tissue. During this procedure a periodontist removes a certain amount of tissue from your palate to cover the exposed root(s) of a tooth, multiple teeth or even your gum line as a whole. Undergoing this treatment, reduces the chances of any further loss of bone and offers greater protection against decay.

As you may have surmised by now, a soft tissue graft can help improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile as well as reduce sensitivity in addition to helping protect the roots of your teeth against infection and bone loss. During your visit with us, we will discuss your options as well as any specifics in terms of the procedure that is right for you.



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