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Dental Emergencies: Toothaches


Toothaches can be caused by any number of issues having to do with a tooth such as cavities, cracks, fractures or an exposed tooth root. Tooth aches can also be caused by issues that aren’t caused by a tooth directly such as gum disease, diseases of the jaw or issues with the facial muscles used during the chewing process.

Some toothaches are relatively mild and while others can be extreme and debilitating. One of the first thing that is needed during the diagnosis process is to determine whether or not the cause of the pain is the tooth itself or some other surrounding factors. In order to make that determination, a thorough oral examination is necessary and involves any number of procedures including the evaluation and testing of the teeth as well as relying on X-ray imagery to get an idea of the conditions below the visible parts of the tooth and jaw.

Once the cause of the pain is determined then a proper restorative solution can be selected. Some restorative procedures including fillings, crowns and in more serious cases root canal therapy. In cases where the damage to the tooth is severe and irreversible restorative procedures may not be enough, at which point, the tooth may need to be extracted. If the tooth does need to be extracted, anesthetics such as Novocaine are used to numb the the tooth and the surrounding area prior to extraction and there is a recovery period in which smoking and drinking liquids through straws are among a list of items which we commend against as they can complicate or slow the recovery process. To prevent infections antibiotics are commonly prescribed after the procedure.

In cases where there are facial swelling or other situations such as swelling of the gums where infection may be the cause of the pain, emergency treatment may be necessary.


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