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Oral Health Care & Prevention: Treating Bad Breath

Treatment of Bad Breath

In a few recent studies it was shown that proper brushing of the teeth and tongue along with flossing can significantly reduce bad breath in as little as two weeks. Many of the bacteria that cause bad breath can be removed by brushing your tongue. Using a toothbrush with a tongue cleaner on the back of the brush can significantly reduce the number of odor causing bacteria from the tongue. Using a back and forth motion and periodically rinsing the tongue cleaner with warm water, make sure you clean both the front as well as the back of your tongue which can be easily missed and bacteria can thrive.

During your first visit with us we can discuss the type of brush and tongue cleaner that would work best for you as well as other types of hygiene products that are effective in fighting bad breath. In short, a clean tongue is key to clean breath and we’re happy to help you establish the oral hygiene routine to help ensure your breath is clean.


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